Guest Post: Aspire CoffeeWorks

Hi, persisters! Whether or not you're a coffee drinker we're confident you'll be impressed with this incredible partnership pairing artisan coffee with employment for adults with developmental disabilities– what's not to love about that?!

At LION we do enjoy a good cup of coffee, so we are extra excited about this. Or maybe it's the caffeine? Checkout our Instagram for details on our giveaway with Aspire CoffeeWorks! (Must enter by 8/21/18 at 11:59 PM EST)

What’s your typical morning routine? While everyone’s may differ slightly, there’s typically one shared component – a cup (or two!) of coffee to jump start your day.

What if the coffee you drank every day did more than just give you a morning boost?

What if it changed the lives of people with developmental disabilities?

That’s the idea behind Aspire CoffeeWorks, a social enterprise coffee company that partners the Chicago-based craft coffee roasters of Metropolis Coffee Company with disability-focused nonprofit Aspire. Founded in 2009, Aspire CoffeeWorks not only employs adults with developmental disabilities like autism and Down syndrome; additionally, 100% of their net proceeds directly support Aspire and the 1,000 kids and adults with disabilities that Aspire serves.

At Aspire CoffeeWorks, adults with and without disabilities work side by side to bring you freshly-roasted coffee, acting as a productive and successful work environment where people of all abilities work and succeed together. It’s a perfect example of how adults with disabilities can excel in the work force, presenting a solution to an ongoing problem: currently, nearly two-thirds of adults with developmental disabilities are unemployed.

With every bag of Aspire CoffeeWorks coffee purchased, you help ensure that people like Bridget (above right) earn a steady paycheck and gain valuable work experience, and children with developmental disabilities receive crucial services to meet their developmental milestones.

Buy a bag for your home or office and join Aspire CoffeeWorks’ effort to demonstrate how a diversified work force is both mutually and culturally beneficial, while also supporting life-changing services for kids and adults with disabilities.

To learn more about Aspire CoffeeWorks, visit them online at, follow them on Facebook at @AspireCoffeeWorks, and/or email

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