Sister chat + learn about aphasia

As you probably know, we are sisters and co-founders of this little corner of the internet.

Emily lives in Michigan. Bethany lives in D.C. Not exactly convenient for running a business, especially when communication can be a struggle for Emily due to her aphasia.

BUT we were together a couple weeks ago at the start of Aphasia Awareness Month and were discussing how we wanted to bring awareness to this often misunderstood language disorder.

And what resulted were some great conversations, some of which we captured on video for you! Enjoy these simple glimpses into who we are and what aphasia sounds like in one person.

We aren't experts, and aphasia can look very different from one person to the next. This is just us being real about Emily's journey since her hemorrhagic stroke two and a half years ago. We are both thankful that LION is part of that journey too! (For both of us!)





Things you should know:

#1: Emily edited all of these down from 20+ minutes of our sister-hangout-ramblings. Watch these videos and you'll get a sense of how impressive that is!

#2: Facts about aphasia included in these videos were from Constant Therapy. This app has been a recent game-changer for Emily. If you or someone you know has aphasia (any kind), please check this out! (NOT paid to say that, it's just been super helpful! Also want to credit Constant Therapy for including at least a couple photos of younger users on their website. Strokes and brain injury can happen at ANY age!)

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