Bethany and Emily are sisters.

Emily had a stroke when she was 25, in 2016. 

She is re-learning how to walk and talk and live independently. 

There is much in her story that is unlikable, but like it or not, this is her

reality. Can you relate?


At LION Apparel we aim to offer real and honest moments in the challenging

journey faced by survivors and their supportersLike it or not. 


1. We aim to be a reminder that you are not alone in your recovery, or in supporting someone in that process.

2. In creating and selling products we will use ethically made and eco-friendly practices wherever possible. 

3. Part of the proceeds from every sale will be donated to a non-profit that supports people with disabilities.


And of course, you can trust us to respect your privacy and security! See our privacy policy.

--  Emily & Bethany  --

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